Nice Pictures Of Orchard Road

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I got these pictures from Ah-Yoke. She took it while we were at Orchard Road, Singapore’s world class shopping district. The pictures are not very nice because she took it from the bus we were in. Like what I’ve said, I couldn’t see much while I was there, just like I couldn’t see much in these pictures too.

My son often tells me Orchard Road is very exciting and beautiful. Tall buildings, lights and sounds, tourists and locals shopping, the place to see and be seen. I don’t understand at all because I didn’t see anything except cranes, men in yellow helmets and out-of-bound markers all around.

But please enjoy the photos.

– 陈嫂

Singapore Is Changing Too Fast

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Ok. Hi everyone.

Sorry it took me a while to write. Been busy with housework, and watching Korean TV drama series.

Like I was saying, after my husband pointed out to me, I started to notice more and more things changing in Sngapore, in other words, the changes are coming too fast, and most of the time, really unnecessary. Normal things that I wouldn’t notice or care about, now I am more aware of them… hee. Too preoccupied with TV.

Let me give you one example.

Last night, my husband and I looked through some of the photos we took during our recent 3D2N trip. There were also some older and random photos he took. One of them was of a playground near my neighborhood market, taken a month ago.

Ahh….I remember the playground! It’s where I took my youngest son to often about 20 years ago (when he was a just kid in kindergarten and primary school – he is now 25). It’s this beautiful dragon thing, where he would often run along its body, and then slide down when he reached the dragon head. He was always proud that he could beat the other boys by taking the shortest time to complete the task. The playground was always filled with kids. It just makes me smile thinking about those days.


But my husband said it’s gone now.

Huh? Gone? Since when? I asked him.

Less than a month ago.


This morning I went to the market. The playground is situated along the usual route I take to the market. I looked out for it, and saw something else in its place. Some small plastic looking thing. And no one was playing with ‘it’.


What a waste! Why did the town council, or whoever decide to change the playground? The new ‘thing’ looks so sad. I was still thinking of bringing my grandchild along to the playground someday, and tell him that his father used to play there. But too late now.

But I guess when my grandchild is old enough, he would rather spend his time in front of the TV or computer, wear glasses and grow fat, and continue to be fat when he reaches his late teens, and then his fitness will be poor.

But it’s okay. At least he will probably be chosen to be just an office clerk when he serves his National Service. Much better than the rest, I heard.

Ah-Yoke 阿玉


Singapore is really changing too fast for my liking. If my husband did not point out to me, I wouldn’t have noticed it. Things are really so different now. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

Ah-Yoke 阿玉


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I didn’t enjoy the tour at all…It is supposed to be my trip!!

Yes, I am still angry. Wasted my time!

– Wong