I Love The Music! Soundtrack to Madam Chan!

Oh I must share this with you. The bus driver uncle was playing this CD throughout the trip, and I love it so much I asked Ah-Yoke to help me find it. Good thing she managed to find it at Sinema Old School. The CD is called CHILDHOOD MEMORIES by Singapore soprano LILY 丽.

Her renditions of classic Chinese, Italian and Japanese folk songs, amongst others, really brings me back to my younger days. I guess many of you were still young when these songs were the call of the day. But it’s okay, you can still enjoy it! Go look for it!

Don’t ask, I won’t lend it to you.

– 陈嫂

Okay okay….don’t call me selfish.

Here’s some pics of the CD I’m talking about. Can be found at Sinema Old School. You still have to go get it yourself…I’m not going to lend it to you.





Whoa! I am so jealous. Lily looks even more beautiful than I am! I thought my skin is considered top class (given my age), but Lily’s skin is even more more top class! Must check with her what’s her beauty secret!

Must also check with that Fann Wong how come her forehead is so flawless and stiff too….

Quick quick! Go buy CHILDHOOD MEMORIES and enjoy!! Like a friend who told me: “The CD’s like mama’s milk….it grows on you!”

Besides Lily’s music, another beautiful young lady also contributed her composition to my film. She is the multi-talented CHRISTINE SHAM!

(below, http://http://www.myspace.com/christinesham) Go go go! Go check out her website!


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