I Got An Award??

Hello to everyone! Sorry sorry I have not been updating…. I’ve been busy checking out newspapers for deals for short tours. Lately I just felt like going on short trips… nothing much to do in Singapore, so boring…. so I decided to look around for deals.

My recent 3D2N Malaysia tour (late last month) of that island (still can’t remember the name) was really fun! Just spent my time doing nothing…. look at people having fun on the beach… looked at monkeys having fun in the trees…. Nothing to do at all but so much fun!

Food was good, and cheap too.

And I finally found out what I missed out while I was away!

The people I worked with on my short film called me in early April. They told me there was this Film Festival awards night or something, and asked me to attend. Attend what?? I don’t even know what they were talking about. But anyway, I couldn’t make it at all, because I have already booked that tour to Malaysia.

But aiyah!! They called me when I got back and said I should have cancelled the trip and attended the award ceremony. Why, I asked? They said it’s because I won the Best Performance award for my short film!

Huh? What award? For the acting? Huh?

I thought they were bloody joking. Think I am old and I can be easily deceived is it? Think I’m some stupid old lady? Think I will hand over my life savings to some random person who tells me he has a magic stone? Think I will step into the lift when there is on one else in there except for a Raffles Institution school boy (but actually, my son told me not to, till now I don’t even know why…what’s wrong with Raffles Institution school boys?)

I didn’t believe it when the filmmakers told me that. I’ve never even won anything in my life, let alone an award for my acting! It was my first time acting and I got an award for that? Oh, Really?

But then I thought to myself…wait, they won’t lie to me. Why would they?

But somehow I still didn’t believe them… I am just an amateur, my acting skills are nowhere near those excellent actresses from Mediacorp, so how can I win anything for that? Right? I can’t even act as well as that, that lead actress from my favorite show Little Nonya…what’s her name? Yeah, Jeanette Aw!

Too bad she didn’t win any awards recently during the….the…. oh, Star Awards!

I am not even as talented as Fann Wong. She can act way better than me! She can laugh or cry or act fierce or pitiful, all while maintaining her flawless forehead. No wrinkles or anything, how do you beat that!? Wait, I can’t even compare myself to her!

In fact, I can’t even compare myself to any of those Mediacorp actresses! All of them can act so well! That’s why I love to watch the Chinese Drama series…. the acting is so real! The dialogue is so true to life you know! Their facial expressions are all so dramatic, their eyes so revealing!

But when the filmmakers suggest we have dinner together so they can hand me the trophy, I started to think: “Is this for real?”

And it was REAL!

Last week, we met up for dinner, and there it was! The trophy! I was shocked! I really did win Best Performance! I am truly speechless!!

This is really the first time I have won anything in my entire life! SO HAPPY!

So Jeanette, don’t be disappointed! I am sure you’ll win something someday! It’s just a matter of time! Look at me! I’m 72 and I have an award to my name!

It’s just acting by the way, what’s so difficult about that?

Oh, here are some of the photos of the dinner, and the TROPHY!

The Director hands me the Trophy!

Me, the Director and my Trophy!

Me, the Producer, and my Trophy!

Me, the DP and my Trophy!

Me and my Trophy!

my Trophy

Usually I look grumpy, but for a change, my photos here have me smiling.

– 陈嫂

~ by madamchan on May 15, 2009.

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