Screenings at the 22nd SIFF


There is an additional screening available!

Title: Singapore Short Film Competition – Finalists
Date: 19 April 2009
Time: 7.15pm
Venue: National Museum

Sorry sorry for the late notification. Do catch it if you can! Thank you to you!

Do check back regularly for other screenings happening around. Or join my Facebook group to be updated! Thank you to you!



How have you been?  I hope everyone is happy, okay? Don’t let the economy bring you down, ok?

The filmmakers just told me that MY short film will screen at this year’s 22nd Singapore International Film Festival in April. Wow. Ok! That’s nice.


There will be 3 screenings – under the  “Singapore Short Film Competition – Finalists” screenings. alongside 8 other finalists. Nice! Think I will go and make some friends!

I was passed these 2 links about the screenings and festival:

Go, go! Go and check it out ok? Thank you to you!

– 陈嫂

~ by madamchan on February 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Screenings at the 22nd SIFF”

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  2. Just caught the short film last night. It was very touching, but funny at the same time. Definitely one of the more intelligent, sensitive and nuanced films screened that night. Congratulations.

  3. Hello Ken,

    thank you to you very much for watching me in my short film. Thank you to you too for your kind words. How was my acting?

    I didn’t know acting is so easy…. eh, actually I was just being myself. So many words in the script how to remember them? I just used my own words… much easier. Like that also can, so easy.

    I think I will go look for more acting opportunities from now on. Stuck at home with nothing to do… can be so boring, you know? No more Little Nonya to watch….

    – 陈嫂

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