The 3-Day 2-Night Trip Was Nice! Part 3

Hello everybody! So sorry so sorry I have not been updating my website. First of all I want to wish everyone a good 2009! Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Didn’t have time to write because I spent the past few months busy watching The Little Nonya on Singapore TV, you know, that drama serial about the Peranakans? Whoa, the show so exciting! I love the beautiful sets, the beautiful clothes and how pretty all the actresses looked in them! So envious, makes me want to wear the kebaya too! I also love the story of The Little Nonya! Very easy to understanding, which is good for an old lady like me. It’s easy because it’s the same as most other popular drama serials from Asia, like that recent Korean period drama about that girl who can cook real well? Can’t remember the title, some Da Chang Jing or something like that.

Whoa, must go and buy the dvd of The Little Nonya, so I can watch it again and again and spot more similarities!

Sorry the other time I did not finish up telling you about my 3D2N trip, right? Hmm..where was I? Oh yeah… So the 3rd day, we all went back. That’s pretty much it. But it was a nice journey back home because the bus we were drove along the expressway, allowing me to soak in some scenic sights. I like to look at trees going by when I sit in the bus. I can often see shapes in the form of animals appearing on the trees. So beautiful. The bus went by many roads that I have not been on before…like the ECP, AYE or something. The ECP has the best view! I can see so many cranes and unfinished buildings. Ah-Yoke says they are building some casino in Singapore?

Really? A casino? That’s good news! Now I don’t have to keep asking her to bring me to Genting Highlands to gamble. I have always wanted to try a proper casino. Now all I can experience is gamble with the other senior citizens at a HDB void deck near my place. 20 cents, 50 cents, some even bet $1. I think we cannot gamble openly in Singapore..right?

But no problem, because we are smart. We don’t put the money on the table. We just write down the amounts on a piece of paper. We have escaped so many times already! I think the police came by 3 times last year but can never catch us. Then they will always just go to the nearby coffeeshop, buy coffee, and then sit in their car for a long period of time. I don’t know if they are watching us from their car (which is parked nearby our void deck), but they sure have patience waiting around for so long. Can stay inside their car for up to an hour sometimes. Sometimes they don’t even move at all, and stay very still.

But luckily the senior folks are smart. They say the policemen always pretend to sleep in their cars. Their head will either be leaning back, or their face downwards, but they are actually peeping at us. So we always wait for them to move off first before we take our cards out again.

Wow! Our policemen are really so well trained! No wonder I feel so safe in Singapore.

Oh, Ah-Yoke’s husband took some photos of Sentosa. I was so mad when I saw them! He is so stupid, doesn’t know how to take pictures at all! Instead of capturing me and Ah-Yoke on the beautiful beach, he took some photos of some construction site! And I wasn’t even in it! What is so nice about construction sites? Did he have to take photos of them? I mean, construction sites are everywhere now. Once I step out, there will be some construction going on. I don’t know what they are for though, but they are everywhere. So why the need to take photos? Moreover, Ah-Yoke’s husband used to work in construction sites!

Ah-Yoke says he probably missed working at the construction sites. She told me he found it very difficult to carry on as he couldn’t keep up with his other workers. His other workers are younger, and are much cheaper too. Ah-Yoke says her husband’s Mandarin is not as good as most of his co-workers, and although his English is as basic as some other of his co-workers, he also found it increasingly hard to carry on.

Ha! So useless that man! No wonder he plans to retire soon.

Now you look at his ugly photos! You judge for yourself here:

I think Ah-Yoke did manage to take some proper photos. I will try to get it from her and load it up here. Okay?

Sorry again I have not been writing much! Getting old…. But I will write soon again! Thank you to you!

– 陈嫂

~ by madamchan on February 4, 2009.

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