The 3-Day 2-Night Trip Was Nice!

It was short. Just 3 days and 2 nights. But I got to see many places that I haven’t seen in ages.

On the first day, we went to some prime district private housing estates. I tell you, those houses are so big, I bet they have several kitchens in there. They also have huge gardens, and oh, a few maids to water their plants too. That is good. I will die if I have to do it myself. Just watering the few pots of plants out in my corridor is killing me.

Not forgetting the number of cars they have parked in there too! Posh-cher, Lambo-what-ni, Rolls Roy, Mercedis, I don’t know what were the other names of the cars. I didn’t see them though, the bus we were in went by too fast.

Ah-Yoke did managed to snap 2 pictures of the houses I’m talking about here. Especially the one with the Singapore flags…she told me there were so many cars parked inside. Must be some important government person. So rich! He can actually buy so many cars!



We went to Orchard Road after that, but it was raining, and in the end we just sat down somewhere near Wisma Atria. Nothing interesting at all. I couldn’t see much, just mostly construction going on here and there. The pavements were narrow, and too many people around.  I also don’t know why people like to go there and just sit around, especially at Lucky Plaza. So many ladies just sitting around chatting and eating. Don’t they have families to take care of?

But unlike me, they have many friends, male friends especially. But those male friends of theirs somehow look different from them. Hmmm…

In the afternoon we moved on to Sentosa. Wow. Actually, it’s only the second time I’ve been there. The first time was just before the cable car accident. Can’t remember, but I think some ship thing was too high and it got hooked up with the cable. That’s why I didn’t want to sit in the cable car. When was the last time they changed the cables?

Luckily, this time they have some monorail or something. Very nice, just like the MRT. I got to see the island properly for the first time. Again, a lot of construction going on, what are they building? Messed up the whole place. They said Sentosa is a beautiful island. But I only saw cranes and lorries, trucks and men. A lot of them. And I couldn’t understand a word coming out of their mouths.

We walked a long way from the station to the beach. Palawan Beach I think. It was so hot I thought my blouse would catch fire. My head was getting dizzy. To make things worse, this stupid cafe nearby was blasting music so loudly the whole time we were there. Only Ah-Yoke can take such torture. If it was classical music, it’ll be fine. But not some noisy tech-what music please!

I didn’t know Singapore has such nice natural beaches. The sand is so soft, but the water is dirty. I could tell from where I was sitting. I wonder why those people enjoyed swimming in it. And a lot of people too! Noisy kids running around, lazy Caucasians lying around. Don’t they have somewhere else to go in Singapore?

Before dinner, we went to the Arab Street area, where the Sultan Mosque is. Boring.

Luckily the dinner was good! They brought us to this place in Pasir Panjang called Manhill Restaurant 喜临门大饭店.


Their paper wrapped chicken is unique, even better than my own. I was happy because it has been a long time since I had a meal with so many people together. I also found out they have Cantonese Opera performances, but not when we were there. I told Ah-Yoke to bring me to the restaurant again to catch it. I love Cantonese Opera!

Okay, I am tired. I will tell you more about my trip later. Come back soon!

– 陈嫂

~ by madamchan on October 21, 2008.

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